It is a time when bad news is good news! We are all preoccupied with poor economical conditions, instead of concentrating on our own financial and spiritual health. This book gives an inside view of somebody who made it. Henk Diepbrink grew up in poor conditions in Amsterdam, and now he lives in Monte Carlo. For each of us he has just one message: "What I achieved, everybody can achieve. We are truly living in a world of infinite possibilities."

Being one of the most successful network-marketing professionals in Europe, he has achieved the Top Position in three different Network Marketing Companies training thousands of people from all around the world. His fortune soared with his systematic approach to Network Marketing. This allowed him to own his life, to be free and enjoy every minute lavishly. Most people do not have more than one to two hours a day to do what they would like to do, and then if they did, they do not usually have the money!

Enjoy and may the belief in you be awakened that you can achieve anything.

Create Your Life offers the reader clever insights on Network marketing, as well as what anyone can do to change their lives and reach their desired goals. Network marketing has come a long way to reach the acceptance level it enjoys nowadays, however, the zenith hasn’t been reached yet and will continue to grow. Henk Diepbrink explains everything in his book systematically and eloquently to help anyone understand the multi faceted nature of this business.

Create Your Life is a book for all audiences. If you are already a network marketer, or an inspiring one, whether you are a corporate leader or someone that wants to change his/her life, Create Your Life will put you on the path to prosperity. It will implement proven tactics to elevate income stream as well as spiritual and personal development. This book elucidates a proven system with vital aspects of network marketing along with valuable and essential life principles on how to take your life back, be in a position of time and money where you can enjoy your freedom of material and spiritual wealth.

Create Your Life is a fundamental tool to utilize as a conduit to a better, more fulfilling, wealthy life.

The Truths in Life:

There are only two real truths in life: Everybody has to die and what you believe will happen. You create the circumstances and you will meet people that will confirm you in what you think is right. So you have a choice: If you believe in something, commitment will follow. From your commitment, you arrive at action, and from your action you will get the result. If you believe 100 %, the action will turn out 100 % too. If you start with 90 % belief, you’ll never arrive at a result of 100 %.

We have the possibilities to influence our lifes and to create our own paradigms of belief. We can start this process by talking about challenges rather than problems, by viewing a glass of water as half full rather than half empty, by looking for good conversations rather than rubbish on TV. We should start by asking: how will our life be in three to five years and what is the mission of our life?

The primary audience consists of all people in network marketing. This book will inspire and motivate Networkers. You can make your fortune in network marketing, but before you are able to do so, you have to grow as a person.

This is the central message and of the book. Because of his vast experience, Henk Diepbrink is able to give them sound advise on how to work effectively and with success. He explains the necessary steps for building up a big organization and he stresses that there is no other way than personal grow.

Secondary audiences are people in leading positions in companies who try to get a different perspective on every day issues.

This book is also a guide for all those who are not really happy about their lives. Because the book is practical rather than theoretical, everyone will be able to find specific elements of their interest that they could use in their daily lives. Diepbrink discusses the most important values in life, such as spirituality, health, relationships, material issues, job, friends.

These values all have a most significant influence on what happens in life.

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